Cormier vs Lewis Live Stream Free Online

Cormier vs Lewis Live Stream Free Online PPV 2018

Cormier vs Lewis Live Stream,Lewis established an extraordinary supporting artist to fight octagonal octagonal on October 28, two titles of UFC 230.

Return to the UFC Action on the night of work fr om Madison Square Garden.

Derek Lewis believes in winning the 22nd career UFC
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Derek Lewis believes in winning the 22nd career UFC
Cormier won the UFC Heavyweight Championship with Stoe Miocic’s first round stop page in July and is a great favorite to protect his title.

But do not underestimate Luis, who have 21-5 records and have proved in the past that they can make it difficult for the best players.

When Cormier vs Lewis?
UFC 230 on Saturday, November 03,2018.

In the United Kingdom, there is a late night shop for war supporters in the United Kingdom starting from midnight in the United States with the status of war attacks in the United Kingdom.

Hope the main event around 4:00 UK time.

Can I see it on any TV channel?
You can catch all the tasks in BT Sports 3.

The coverage begins at midnight before the main premium starts in the second UK time.

If you want to stream the action, download the BT app or use the website to view your mobile, tablet or PC.

But some champions cummer will stop
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But the champion Korean will stop some people who said the fighters
Cormier: “It will be harder than usual. It was not an exception to the exceptions of Alexander Volkov – this was his hope because he had fought with a lot of hell, and he snatched his way.

“I will try to isolate Derek Lewis, this is the level of fighting.” I have said before, I have been contesting a level for most people for a long time. ”

Louise: “They gave me the money when they gave me the money, so it was like a reset button. ‘Well, yes, I could do it.’ So this is certain, so there is no sweat from my back.

“This is a real good fight, I am going there and trying to finish it, if I lose, then okay, I still get the money.”

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Who is fighting UFC 230A?
Heavyweight – Daniel Carmichael versus Derrick Lewis
Middleweight – Chris Wedden v Ronaldo Swavana
Middleweight – Jared Cannon vs David Branch
Middleweight – Carl Robertson vs. Jack Marshman
Middleweight – Aggele Adensoon V. Derek brunson
Primary card

Featherweight – Jason Randy vs. Jason Knight
Women’s Flyweight – Sijera Ubank vs. Roxanne Modferi
Federavet – vs Julio AR vs Chemon Moras
Welterweight – Ben Somers vs Limeen Good
Primary card

Lightweight – Matt Freewola vs London Vanatta
Federerweight – Shane Burgos vs. Kart Holobaugh
Bantamweight – Brian Keller vs. Michael Jackson
Heavyweight – Marcus Rosario de Lima vs Adam Wojokk
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