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The battle of UFC 229 will face Conor McGregor against Khabib Nurmagomedov on October 6, 2018. The live broadcast of the game will be exclusive on the BT sports platform. The television coverage will be alive and the ticket is already on sale. The title is for a lightweight championship and allows McGregor to return to the octagon. It’s a long wait. The game will be scheduled for October 1 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

The news about the game has arrived today. The UFC celebrated the celebration of their money. The UFC competition is expected to make 229 different. There are many who wait for it. McGregor, considered the name in general, has not fought in the UFC since two years in November. In the game, Eddie Alvarez tried to win the game, and the first person won both brilliant titles at the same time. But it was not possible to stop him due to his inactivity. It was taken out of his belt. The belt was then transported to Nurmagomedov after killing Al Iaquinta for 155 pounds. Nurmagomedov could lead in this category by winning in 26 consecutive games.

We hope that all audiences see the game because it promises to be historic. The two disasters have joined the epic game and are really serious. Since a full hearing is expected, many people seeking the ticket will not be able to obtain it. This is due to the high demand. Tickets are now on sale. McGregor comes back and it will work well. Many people will see. If you can not get the ticket, there is nothing to lose because BT Sport will change the competition live. This means that you can look at it in different ways. Finally, the meeting is described as the largest group in this category. Many people expect McGregor to achieve the same performance in MayWeather.
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It is expected that millions of people around the world will fight the battle between McGregor and Khabib. The ticket in the game is available and the ticket is required. Many people who want to get the ticket can get it due to urgency. However, there are several options to watch UFC 229 live stream online. BT Sport Sport is the largest transmitter. If you are enrolling in this sports channel, you are ready to watch the game live, as it is sent to subscribers live. If you are not a subscriber, it is always possible to watch the game live. These options are payment options and free options.

If you are ready for the payment option, you can start with BT Sport. You can start them today and choose between different paid packages that are available on your website. The site is fast and you can login in about fifteen minutes. You can see it through the live broadcast of UFC. This platform allows you to see all the most important titles. UFC live online offers events available to anyone from around the world. You can also offer the opportunity to see other sporting events and have at least one available for you this year. You can see all this for the comfort of your home. If there is a match in South America, North America, Asia and Europe, you can watch the game and the other matches are broadcast on this platform.